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Ahle Sunnat Wal  Jammat

  Allah In the name of Who is Most Merciful, Most Affectionate.

Imam Ahmad Raza Islamic Mission is most Prominent and Leading Organization of Ahle Sunnat Wal Jama'at of in Jammu and Kashmir. It was established on the 5th of July 2000 in Kashmir with the sole purpose of uplifting the Muslim Ummah academically and spiritually.

It promotes and defends the pristine teachings of the mainstream Ahle-Sunnah wa Jam?at as propounded in the life and works of A?la-Hadrat Imam Ahmad Raza khan al-Qaudri.

It follows the same sunnism which brought by the Great Saints in Valley of Kashmir. The First founder of Islam in Kashmir Was Hazrat Allama Bulbul Shah Tarkustani. Hazrat Bulbul Shah Sahib spread the Islam in Kashmir. After that seven hundred Saints came from Iraq to spread Islam in Kashmir. The famous saints are Hazrat Ammer kabir Mir Syed Hamdani (Shah-E- Hamdan), Hazrat Syed Hussain Simnani and the famous saints of Kashmir Hazrat Sheikh-Ul-Alam Noor din Noorini, Hazrat Sultan-Ul-Arfeen Sheikh Hamza Makhdoomi  and Hazrat Baba Dawood Khaki.

Imam Ahmad Raza Islam Mission aims Includes bring all Sunnis close to each Other and make them aware of Reform Movements Which are Running in the name of Islam.

Guiding Principles

To love Allah and Prophet Muhammad. (SAW)

To love those who love Allah and Muhammad. To bring other non-believers on to the path of Allah and Muhammad.

To spread the path of the Ambiya, the Awliya, the Shuhadah, the Saaliheen and Siddiqeen.


To promote and propagate the teachings of the Ahle Sunnah Wa Jamaah as was practised by the Islamic Prophet Muhammad and also followed by the Four Righteous Caliphs, Sayyiduna Abu Bakr Siddique, Sayyiduna Umar Al Farouk, Sayyiduna Uthman Ghani, Sayyiduna Ali Al Murtadha and the Four eminent Imams, Imam-e-Azam Abu Hanifa, Imam Shafai, Imam Malik, Imam Ahmad bin Hanbal; the Awliya-Ikraam, Ghousul Azam Hadrat Sheikh Sayed Abdul Qadir Jilani, Sayyiduna Hazrat Moinuddin Chisti Gareeb Nawaaz, Sayyiduna Sheikh Bahaahul Haq Nakshabandi, Sayyiduna Sheikh Khaja Shahabudeen Omar Suhrwardi; and the various Masha'ikhs and Ulema, such as, Mujaddid-e-Deen-o-Millat, Sayyidi A'la Hadrat, Ash Shah Imam Ahmed Raza Khan Al Qaadiri Barkaati, Huzoor Mufti Azam Ash Shah Moulana Mustafa Raza Khan Al Qaadiri Barkaati and Allama Tajul Sharia Mufti Akther Raza Khan Azhari. 

To promote the Celebration of the Birthday of Sayyiduna Rasoolullah, the Urs Shareef of the great Awliya and Swaliheen of Islam, and such auspicious occasions as Laylatul Qadr, Laylatal Meraj, Laylatal Barat, Laylatul Ashura.

To adopt ways and means in order to improve, promote and protect the religious, moral, educational, social and cultural interests of all Muslims living within Jammu and Kashmir and abroad.

To serve as a centre of learning and teaching the basics of Islamic Faith in accordance to the Sunni path.

To make children and adults Huffaaz of the Holy Quran.

To provide such facilities and assistance as may be necessary to persons who could do useful research in Islam.

To formulate and implement a simplified and objective educational syllabus to suit the needs of children of Muslim parent Jammu and Kashmir.

To guide Muslims in Islamic affairs.

To maintain an Islamic book, and audio-video library.

To translate, compile, publish and distribute useful Islamic literature, books, magazines, brochures, periodicals, newsletters, pamphlets, etc. with special reference to the teachings of A'la Hadrat (alaihir rahmah) and his Successors (Radi Allahu anhum ajma'in).

To initiate schemes of general welfare for the Muslims, to serve and aid the needy and the destitute.

To make representations wherever and whenever necessary to authorities for the removal of disabilities that affect the Muslims and the Islamic Shariah.

To support any worth while cause undertaken by any other Sunni society, institution or body working for similar aims and objectives.  To follow up misrepresentations of the cause of Islam and Muslims in books, magazines and papers, and to present the same in its true spirit and perspective by means of articles, letters to the editor and other means.

Free Islamic literature

Youth wing-Islamic programmes: Dhikr, Milad-Un- Nabi, Urs Sharif, Khatam al-Qur'an.

May Almighty Allah bestow His Mercy upon us and lead us to the straight path, the path of those whom Allah has favoured and not the path of those who earned His anger or those who went astray. Aameen!

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